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Changing habits is a long process,

but each decision you make adds up.

Celebrate each win and take it day by day!





Why is it so hard to stick with changes?
We are the sum of our habits - also the unhealthy ones! Habits are behaviors wired so deeply in our brains that we perform them automatically: it's like being on autopilot. They feel safe and easy. That's why we can't simply eliminate a bad habit.
Instead, we need to replace it with one that provides a comparable reward!
Why can't we stop eating things that we know are unhealthy for us? 
Most of our bad eating habits revolve around emotional triggers: stress, boredom, reward, comfort, social... Changing these habits is hard because they deal with real needs. How do we cope with pressure, anger, sadness and loneliness... besides eating?
We need to deal with these emotions in healthier ways!
Paying attention is the key habit change.
Understanding why we eat the way we do and the thoughts that drive our choices allow us to make room for a healthier relationship with food. #mindfulness
Reading food labels, becoming familiar with lists of ingredients and starting to take notice of everything we put into our mounths is another step toward conquering bad eating habits. 
Being vigilant to knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown, produced, harvested and prepared is also important. A healthy lifestyle should be good for our bodies and good for our planet. #sustainability
​My job as a certified Habit Nutrition and Green Living Coach is to help you develop new capabilities so you can act on your goals. My role is to facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior changes by challenging you to look at things differently and to think about fresh approaches.
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