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Food is life.

Food is happiness.

Food is love.

My name is Magali, or as most may know me, Lily! 

I was born in France, but I have lived in 15 countries. I currently consider Brooklyn, New York, my home!

I was a ballerina for many years and used to have quite a destructive relationship with food and my body. I struggled with bulimia and all the nasty bits that come with it.

At age 25, I landed a job with legendary Madonna and became close to her Chef - Mayumi Nishimura. She taught me not to think of "diet" as deprivation but as a mean for feeling and being healthier!


That shift in thinking - #positive-nutrition. changed my life.


After years of counting calories and eating to relieve stress, I started to change my eating habits and developed an ever growing interest in nutrition and a passion for food and healthy cooking.

Equally passionate about personal development, I spent most of my career in education and continuous learning. I have always considered food as a tool to develop both social and environmental awareness. Sustainable eating is one of my favorite topics.

In addition to my Master in Science of Education, I studied Nutritional Therapy and I'm a certified PN Habit Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Today, I want to give back and share my knowledge with others through coaching and  health workshops. My wish is to inspire you and to give you the courage to make the changes and shifts needed in your life so you too can find the health, happiness and harmony I eventually found for myself.




Positive Nutrition

Habit Nutrition | Mindset Shifting

Habits Change | Goal Setting

Pantry clean-out | Shopping tour 

Healthy Cooking | Meal Planning

Green Living

Sustainable Eating | Earth Friendly Habits

I believe I have quite healthy eating habits, but I love getting tips from you on the hidden power of vegs, nuts or seeds. Going grocery shopping back when I visited in NYC in 2014, you suggested me getting Coconut sugar syrup for my mom as it was not available in France at that time. Since my mom has type 2 diabetes, she had just started using stevia, but you said coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index and it retains some nutrients. That was a smart advice, my mom loved it and later started using coconut oil as an alternative for fried dishes. Advising people on food habits and alternatives is part of you DNA, never judgmental nor pushy, it's simply natural, and yummy!  


Nassima M, Lyon.

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