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Workshops & Webinars

VibrantLily creates fun and engaging workshops & webinars

to help groups and individuals

to build new skills and explore topics to live a healthier lifestyle. ​ 

Organic Vegetables

Healthier Nutrition

How to eat better and still enjoy your food? Being healthy doesn't mean that you have  to eat bland broccoli/chicken breast for dinner or have celery sticks for snacks! Being healthy Is about embracing more nutritious choices for your body, even if a little at a time. This workshop helps you understand the basics of healthy nutrition and gives you shopping & cooking tricks!

This workshop can be tailored to your special interest or diet.


Greener Cooking

Eating healthy not only plays a pivotal role in the well-being of the people, but  promotes better policies for animal welfare and lessens the environmental footprint too. This workshop aims at highlighting the benefits of eating plant-based meals at least once a week!


Greener Table

Cooking at home with sustainable food tastes better, is more nutritious, cheaper than eating out, brings friends and family together, and encourages healthy eating habits. This workshop will help you reduce your environmental impact in the kitchen!


Greener [Home] Habits

There are lots of little things we can do at home [beyond recycling] to lower our impact on the planet. This workshop introduces you to methods [DIY] and tips on how to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle that will go easy on your wallet too! 


The Healthy French Touch

Even though butter, cream, cheese, and other dietary landmines are mainstays in French food, the typical “French way of eating” is surprisingly healthy. This no-fuss workshop takes you to the heart of the French Paradox and introduces you to French cuisine and eating habits. 


Themed and tailored for you


We can tailor workshops specific to your needs and wants.

[Changing Habits, Not Diets] [Cooking Tricks & Practices] [Mastering Meal Planning] [Decoding the Nutrition Label] [Mindful Eating & Sustainable Living] [Vegan  Diet]

Each workshop includes a lesson plan, learning objectives, talking points, hands-on activities and handouts.


From $200/pers | up to 8 people | 2h | healthy snacks & drinks provided.

Held in a small and convivial setting or in the comfort of your home. 

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